ID 501 Graduate Studio I

Studio investigating creative, abstract design thinking as related to human behavior and the built environment within specific contexts. The class introduces the design process and emphasizes interior design for diverse cultures and socio-economic populations. Design theories and design conceptualization for small groups of people are explored. Small environments are studied to understand space and form and the interaction of people and their environments. (3)

Course Objectives

  1. Effectively create and communicate a design response using written, oral, and visual techniques;
  2. Explore design thinking by generating multiple design responses and concepts within the iterative design process and implementing analytical skills to choose the best solution;
  3. Create design responses demonstrating that design needs vary among cultural and social groups, especially those with differing economic means, and an understanding of the range of physical and psychological relationships between humans and spatial environments;
  4. Recognize and compose design responses that appropriately apply the elements and principles of design;
  5. Experiment with space, form, and color theories, and their influence on human behavior, symbolic references, and cultural importance within interior environments; 

Course Textbooks

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Course Literature

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CIDA Information

S.8 f. explore and iterate ideas
S.8 g. design original and creative solutions
S.10 f. apply precedents to inform design solutions
S.11 b. 2D and 3D approaches
S.11 d. apply 3D design solutions