ID 608 Graduate Practice Studio IV

Studio focusing on an interdisciplinary approach to complex problems in the interior environments for diverse populations in a multi-level, mixed-use project. Literature reviews and multiple research methods are used to create evidence-based design solutions that builds on the interdisciplinary experience in ID-607. Students write their own programming briefs. 

Studio. Prerequisite: B- or better in ID 607 (3)

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students will be expected to:
  1. Define and categorize relevant aspects of design problems, including programmatic needs and specific function, for diverse populations;
  2. Appraise the conceptual and practical issues relative to site selection, programming, space planning, circulation, volume, furnishings, color, and texture in the design of interior space in the practice areas of healing, restoration, and well being;
  3. Generate, analyze, and apply findings from multiple research methods, literature reviews, and the programming process to create a programming brief that meets functional and user needs;
  4. Justify appropriate building codes and life safety codes and standards for the specific interior environment.
  5. Synthesize the skills and knowledge gained from previous coursework and evidence-based design, to create a comprehensive project, including presentation drawings, models, material and furniture selections, detail drawings and specifications.

Course Textbooks

See template syllabus for examples.

Course Literature

Varies based on project type.

CIDA Information

This course is not reviewed by CIDA.
Douglas Seidler,
Dec 22, 2015, 8:04 AM