2016 Interior Design Student Show

Marymount's 2016 Interior Design Senior Show is Friday May 6th, 2016 at 6:00pm.

The Big Day!

On Friday May 6th, 
  • students will not have access to Gailahac until 6pm. 
  • students should plan on arriving on campus at 5:15 for a group photo (location to be announced via email).
  • students are required to be in front of their project display from 6pm-6:45pm to talk with guests (and secret judges) about their project.
  • Awards are annouced at 7:30pm.


Mar 25 - Project Information Form
Submit online project information form.

Apr 15 - Project Image (perspective) upload
submit online here.

Presentation Board and Book Submission
Upload poster and book using the project archive form.
  • Show Poster in PDF format 
  • Capstone Book or Thesis in PDF format (filename: lastname-book.pdf)

May 4 (before 6:30pm) - Hang Presentation Board
Each student will hang their project in the assigned a pin-up space in Gailhac
  • All work is to mounted level and square in the space assigned. 
  • Projects assigned to a classroom (GAIL 1001, 1002) will be collected on May 6th and hung by the department May 8th. 
NOTE: ALL students presenting a model and/or digital technology need to: 
  1. Identify the need in the online form the use of a model and/or technological device AND 
  2. Provide models and technology devices (with a charging device) for set up Friday May 9th before 12:00pm.

Dimensions and layout

Students are limited to presentation space no larger than 60” tall by 30” wide. The project presentation will be dry mounted on one 30”x60” board or three 20"x30" boards.