Requirements - Graduate EBD Project

Formatting guidelines

Students are limited to presentation space no larger than 60” tall by 30” wide. The project presentation will be dry mounted on one 30”x60” board or three 20"x30" boards.

The project board must include:

  • Student name
  • Thesis Title
  • Semester/year

The project board will also include (as applicable):

  • Drawing/object labels
  • Scale identifier (architectural or graphic scale)
  • Orientation/north arrow for plans
  • Citation for all images (including drawings) that were not created by the student

Content guidelines

Your project board will include the following as applicable to your design solution.

  • Project/concept statement
  • Furniture Floor plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Building / Site analysis
  • Selected three-dimensional development (hand drawings, computer rendered drawings, and/or physical model)
  • Selected elevations of significant spaces in your project
  • Conceptual development drawings
  • Parti diagrams
  • Details

Your project board must include the following from your thesis:

  • Purpose of your study
  • Research Design
  • Findings and application to your project

Avoid cutting and pasting large blocks of text from your thesis. Use a few sentence and bullet points. Highlight the most important findings and their application to your design solution.

Students may also consider using the following optional items on the project board. Students are encouraged to discuss with their instructor which if any of these items will enhance their project presentation.

  • Concept imagery
  • Relationship diagrams
  • Schematic planning
  • Selected materials and finishes (actual materials are required)
  • Selected images of lighting and furniture