Requirements - Graduate Written Thesis

Format guidelines

Students are limited to presentation space no larger than 60” tall by 30” wide. The project presentation will be dry mounted on one 30”x60” board or three 20"x30" boards.

The project board must include:

  • Student name
  • Thesis Title
  • Semester/year

Content guidelines

Your project board must include the following as applicable to your design solution.

  • Purpose of the Study
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Rationale, limitations
  • Research Design
  • Findings & Discussion
  • Conclusions and/or application

Avoid using long blocks of text. Instead use a few statements and/or bullet points. Highlight the most important findings (not all of them). Use graphics—charts, tables, diagrams or photographs where possible. Label each graphic. See the Research Thesis requirements in the EBD Thesis manual for additional information.