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about the interior design internship

ID-400 (Interior Design Internship) is designed to provide a field design experience in the Washington metropolitan area. Appropriate internship sites include interior design firms, architectural firms, governmental design agencies, and businesses specializing in residential and commercial design. Your internship will be monitored by Professor Seidler.

This internship experience is designed to:

  • integrate academic learning with experiential learning.
  • enable students to explore their career goals.
  • enable students to evaluate their preparation for a particular career.

1) FIND your internship

It is never too early to start planning for your internship.

The total process can take several weeks, but will likely take several months.

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Registration Deadlines
Last day to drop class in a given semester.

2) REGISTER your internship

Students cannot register themselves for ID-400 using Marynet. The registration process is completed through Jobs4Saints. 

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3) COMPLETE your internship

There are a number of requirements during your internship semester including a reflective journal and time sheet.

At the end of your internship, you are also required to submit a site evaluation and have your employer evaluate your internship.

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