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3) COMPLETING your internship

During your internship semester...

The following is a list of items to help you complete your internship experience. For a more detailed explanation of these items, please refer to the course syllabus.

STEP 1. Internship hours: 

Students must complete 120 hours for a 3 credit internship or 240 hours for a 6 credit internship.

STEP 2. Electronic journal & time sheet: 

ID-400 time sheets must be completed and signed weekly by the student and on-site supervisor. 

STEP 3. Reflective essays: 

During the semester, students must complete two (2) reflective essays. The first is due when you've completed 50% of your required hours. The second is due when you completed 100% of your internship hours. 

STEP 4. Profession events: 

The interior design department requires you to partake in two (2) professional events which can include attending a local ASID, IIDA, or USGBC meeting. You must submit a 300 word reflective essay within one week of the event along with proof of attendance such as a photo of you at the event or admission receipt.

STEP 5. AIM meetings:

Students must complete two workshops/meetings with your Academic Internship Mentor (AIM). This semesters meetings are as follows: Meeting 1: Week 8 Meeting 2: Week 15

FINISHING your internship

Complete the following list of items AFTER you have earned all hours in your internship. For a more detailed explanation of these items, please refer to the course syllabus. 

STEP 6. Internship site evaluation:  

Students must complete the student evaluation of internship experience. The student internship evaluation is emailed to you (the student) from the Center for Career Services.  

STEP 7. Site supervisor evaluation:  

Students must receive satisfactory written employer evaluation of student internship experience submitted by your site supervisor. The site-supervisor evaluation is emailed to your site supervisor from the Center for Career Services.  

Passing grades are submitted to the registrar when all required documentation is submitted on time.