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1) FIND your internship

It is never too early to start planning for your internship. The total process from identifying an internship of interest, to applying, interviewing, and accepting a position can take several weeks, but will likely take several months. 

One semester before your internship

STEP 1 - Attend one (1) Center for Career Services internship workshop.  Workshop topics range from resume writing to networking. 

Before the workshop: print out the Career Services Workshop Assignment.

After the workshop: Submit the completed and signed worksheet to Doug Seidler to receive credit for this course.

Questions: contact career services 
  e: career.services@marymount.edu 
  p: (703) 284-5960

STEP 2 - Read about your rights as an unpaid intern.

STEP 3 - International students should review and complete the ISS work authorization documentation.

STEP 4 - Search for and apply to internship opportunities on Jobs4Saints. You can also apply to positions not posted on Jobs4Saints.

You've got an interview!

Congratulations. Before you dash off to your future employer's office, take a couple minutes to read through the following.

STEP 5 - Read (again) about your rights as an unpaid intern. (Yes, I know you've already read this, but it never hurts to read something twice.)

STEP 6 - Print a copy of (and read) the academic internship information package along with you on your interview to share with your potential employer.

You've got an offer!

Congratulations (again). Click here to learn how to register your internship.
Douglas Seidler,
Apr 17, 2013, 12:54 PM