Exporting from SketchUp for 3D Printing

The 3D Printer is not available for general use until Fall 2014. These guidelines are provided for those students that are helping the department test the print documentation.
This page details the process for exporting a SketchUp file containing closed (water tight) SketchUp geometries.

Before you begin

We recommend the SketchUp STL extension which is installed on the Gailhac ID computers. If you would like to install this extension on your home computer, click here for instructions.

Exporting the Model

  1. Open your model in SketchUp
  2. Save a copy of your SketchUp model.
  3. Scale the SketchUp model to the proper architectural scale using the Tape Measure tool.
    (For example, if you are printing the model at 1/4"=1'-0", then you would resize a 2'-0" long object to be 1/2")
  4. In the File menu select Export STL.
  5. Export the file. 
  6. Give your file a name (lastname-course-number.stl) and click Save.
    (For example, Bob might name is file meden-id305.stl)

Submitting the STL file

Submit your STL file for printing here.